Internationale bijeenkomst voor kritische mobiele breedband gebruikers

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International meeting for users of critical mobile broadband

BTG has an expert group called Kritisch Mobiele Breedband Gebruikers (KMBG), critical mobile broadband users, focusing on specific critical communication needs and solutions. KMBG organizes demand meets supply events for their members, the event on November 13th has the theme “KMBG goes International”.

Mission critical communications networks are not only important for public safety and defense and other governmental organizations, also enterprises has discovered that due to further digitization mobile applications are getting more and more business and even mission critical. With the introduction of mobile broadband technology critical communications users have to make choices on the new possibilities and infrastructure solutions. The need for critical communications is not limited to country borders. Compared to the mobile mass market is the critical communications need just a niche when looking to volume of traffic and mobile devices. The eco system in the mass market is very successful due to the global standardization in 3GPP. The mission critical market has embraced the 3GPP eco system and MCx (mission critical voice, data and video)  standards are developing and becoming in place. Suppliers are developing MC standardized solutions. To make a (critical) mobile application work the chain of application, mobile connectivity and mobile device has to interoperate. The global MC eco system is starting up.

How is the Netherlands performing compared to other countries?, what is happening in the technology of mobile networks?, how can we deploy network solutions in our enterprises?, is there frequency spectrum available for critical solutions?,  how is public safety organizing critical communications on international, EU level? Many questions looking for an answer. It is time for KMBG to go international!

Yes, I will join the programme


13.30 uur            Welcome and coffee

14.00 uur            Opening by Petra Claessen, CEO BTG/TGG

14.05 uur            How to become ‘best digital airport’? Harry Vermeulen, Schiphol Group

14.20 uur            ‘Spectrum policy on European level’, Tjeerd Deinum, Ministerie EZK

14.50 uur           ‘Enterprise critical communication solutions’, Catherine Gull, UK Broadband

15.15 uur            BREAK

15.45 uur            ‘Ericsson vision on critical communications’, Ahmed Laslah, Ericsson

16.15 uur            ‘Critical communications in France’, Florence Erpelding, Agurre

16.45 uur            ‘Broadway, public safety in Europe’, David Lund, PSCE

17.15 uur            Wrap up and drinks